The venue you choose will serve as the background of your memories -- both in overall vibe and how it affects light and color! No two stories will ever look the same, but I aim to maintain a light feel with true colors and soft palettes where possible. Here are six recent stories I'm loving, in all their differences. If you have more specific situations you're curious about, feel free to bring them up in your booking convo, I'm more than happy to help!

Your memories are distinctly yours, so is your final gallery

Every wedding day is unique - down to the weather, the lighting, the dominant colors in the surrounding areas; sometimes it's hard to imagine how your day could look in different scenarios. 

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I keep finding myself looking back on our candid and reception photos, reminiscing on what a wonderful day we had and how genuinely happy everyone was. Anyone can take photos, but the way Ashley is able to capture the moment is unlike anything I have ever seen.

"I could not have asked for a more perfect capturing of our day and of our love."

Allie + Lauren

Ashley was always ready to make anything work. She has a fun personality, feels instantly like an old friend and takes the most beautiful photos to capture each moment of your day. Could not recommend her enough, our wedding pictures are better than I ever hoped.

"Ashley truly went above and BEYOND to make not only our pictures flawless but our whole day fun."

Jessie + Mike


- Brittany + Dan

My husband and I were really nervous to have our photos taken, but as soon as we were in Ashley’s presence, those fears disappeared because of how calming, professional, and easy going she is. She guides you in a way that feels so natural, making every shot she takes **chef’s kiss**. Do yourself a favor and book with Ashley.

"Booking Ashley for our engagement and wedding photos was the best decision we made."

- Veronica + Mike

The thing about Ashley is, she is so calm and easy going. Send her to the wrong venue the morning of the wedding? Not even phased! Insane winds? She’ll still get the shot! Both our engagement and wedding photos are so classy and timeless; I’m genuinely obsessed with her style.

"Ashley was hands down, our favorite vendor we booked for our wedding."