I can listen to people talk about their life and memories for days and I'm so grateful to be trusted with your hearts and histories. I've always wanted to make this a safe space for those stories not only to live, but to inspire. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved collecting them.

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Cincinnati Engagement

October 29, 2021

Emma + Nick

I wish you could be around these two for a whole day. Endless coffee is a must, a stop at Mom & Em’s for their quite literally perfect avocado toast. (I know, I know. It’s just toast, right? – wrong. I am unwell. It’s a must try.)

Then you’d spend the rest of the day doing the most surprising and refreshing thing that I’m still, to this day, always surprised by.

Being around Em + Nick is just having your eyes open to the incredible diversity of senses we tend to overlook every day – and being completely, and understandably, amazed by them all. Imagine seeing the world like you’re a kid again – except with really great wine and lots of tea.

We had such a wonderful (and very cold) evening, and their Montana wedding will be one of the ones that change you, I can feel it. Enjoy some previews from Em + Nick’s late fall Cincinnati engagement sesh.

Love you both so much. Let’s get you guys married!

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